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Spiritual counseling

I advise you holistically in your current life situation in the private, family or professional environment.
So you get more clarity and a broader view on this situation.

I give spiritual impulses how you can find your inner power and use it consciously to change your life situation positively and constructively.

You will receive support to recognize deep psychological injuries, emotional blockages and obstructive patterns of thought and action, as well as to understand the context of how they affect your life situation, your actions, your body and your environment unconsciously negative. Step by step and gently I accompany you to let go of old and hindering emotions.

New paths with more lightness, self-confidence and inner freedom can emerge. New doors open with more joy of life and love.

My spiritual counseling is intuitive, mediumistic, clairvoyant and sensitive. As a spiritual coach I am happy to share with you inspiring thought-provoking, practical and life-supporting impulses from my professional practice and private life experience.

I also offer my spiritual consultations/guidance regularly in the form of group workshops (recognizing and dissolving patterns), which you can find in my calendar if needed.

Even if dark clouds cover the sky, you know with certainty that the sun is still there.

"Walking into your own heart helps you make your life simple, vibrant and beautiful."